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#Quarantails: Day 8 (Under the Sea)

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

I know I know. I'm late a day, but it's still worth it. This one is more of a mocktail that the whole family can enjoy. I've had requests for those who don't drink alcohol or aren't able to drink alcohol right now. 😉 Everyone loves The Little Mermaid so sit back and relax. If you're feeling frisky, you can always add a shot of rum to it! #simplesips #juicyjennallc #quarantinecocktails


* 1 12oz can frozen lemonade concentrate

* 4 cans warm water

* 1 2L Sprite

* 1 or 2 packets of Blue Raspberry Lemonade Kool-Aid

* 1 tub pineapple sherbet


1. Mix 1 can of frozen lemonade and use the same can to add 4 cans of warm water in a large punch bowl.

2. Add Kool-Aid powder and stir

3. Slowly add Sprite and gently stir to combine.

4. Add a scoop of sherbet to your cup and pour the punch over the top.

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