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#Quarantails: Day 7: (Alice)

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I’m sure youve seen drinks that have different layers, well this drink is gonna give you that opportunity to do one and it still taste amazing. After you try it, let me know how well you like it. #simplesips #juicyjennallc #quarantinecocktails


*.5oz Raspberry Vodka

*1oz Malibu

*1oz Blue Curaçao

*Club Soda

*Pina Colada mix

*lemon slice for garnish



1. In a bar shaker, add the Malibu and Pina Colada mix and shake to combine.

2. Pour the Pina Colada/ Malibu mix into a glass.

3. Rinse out shaker.

4. Add Vodka, blue curaçao, and club soda to combine in bar shaker.

5. Using a large serving spoon, hold it upside down above the glass and slowly pour the blue mix into the glass. This should create a gradient layer with the white mix. If you pour slowly then it should not mix.

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