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#Quarantails: Day 3 (Star-Lord)

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Who doesn’t love all the Marvel movies!?! You have a good 2 hours to kill and this will enhance the excitement. This is a perfect pairing of the citrus flavors with the sweetness of the orange soda and Red Bull. This is one drink that you will definitely go back to make more of. #simplesips #juicyjennallc #quarantinecocktails


*1oz Citrus Vodka

*.5oz Spiced Rum

*1oz Silver Tequila

*2oz Orange soda

*1tsp. Grenadine

*1 lime, juiced

*2oz Red Bull

*Margarita salt or sugar

*Simple Syrup


1. On one appetizer plate, add simple syrup to one side of the plate and the margarita salt or sugar to the other. It depends on your personal preference.

2. Dip the rim of the glass in the simple syrup and then the sugar or salt so that it covers the rim all the way around the glass. Be sure to shake the excess off.

3. Fill the glass with ice.

4. In a bar shaker, add all liquor, lime juice, grenadine and shake.

5. Add Orange soda

6. Top with Red Bull.

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