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#Quarantails: Day 11 (Captain America)

This is definitely one of my favorite Marvel movies. The colors in this drink would go perfect for your next Memorial Day or Fourth of July party, You‘ll be sure to wow your friends with this drink and the flavors are amazing together. #simplesips#juicyjennallc#quarantinecocktails


* 1oz Cherry Vodka

* 1oz Malibu Rum

* 1oz Blue Curaçao

* 1/2 cup Pina Colada mix

* 1/2 cup Sprite

* 2 tbsp Grenadine

* Ice’

* Sugar

* Blue food coloring

* Simple Syrup

* Ziplock bag’

* USA themed straws


1. Using the ziplock bag, add 3 tbsp of sugar. Take blue food coloring and add 2 drops and shake the bag to distribute the color evenly.

2. On an appetizer plate, add simple syrup on one side and the blue syrup on the other side.

3. Coat the rim of your glass in the simple syrup and then dip in the blue sugar so that it coats the entire rim. Shake excess sugar off.

4. Fill glass 3/4 with ice.

5. In bar shaker, add Pina Colada mix and Malibu Rum and shake to combine,

6. Pour mix directly into cocktail glass.

7. In bar shaker, add Grenadine and Cherry Vodka and shale to combine. .

8. Pour into cocktail glass slowly by pouring it directly in the center.

9. In bar shaker, add Blue Curacao and Sprite and shake to combine.

10. Pour into cocktail slowly by pouring directly into the center,

11. Add USA themed straw and enjoy!

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