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#Quarantail: Day 5 (Raptor)

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

I remember as a kid going to the movies to see the first Jurassic Park. This brings back so many memories for me. While inside, if you and your family should sit back and watch them all in order. This is the best drink to watch it with. #simplesips #juicyjennallc #quarantinecocktails


*1oz Vodka

*.5oz Rum

*.5oz Midori

*.5oz Blue Curaçao

*2oz Club Soda

*2oz Lemon Arizona Iced Tea

*1 squeeze juice of lemon


1. Mix the Vodka, Rum, Midori, and Blue Curaçao in shaker. Shake to combine.

2. Pour into a Rocks glass filled with ice.

3. Add club soda.

4. Top off with Lemon Arizona Iced Tea

5. Squeeze the lemon into the drink.

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