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Meet the Owner

Ardrianna Hendricks

Cocktails aren’t just for special occasions, a fact that Ardrianna discovered early in her career. She began her career on her 16th birthday at Starbucks at the “World’s Busiest Airport”; Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. From here is where others noticed that she stood out from others in her work ethic and creativity. Her tastebuds began to grow from mixing different flavors together just from pure curiosity to experience other than what was offered. Over the 8 years there, many rewards and accolades were given. 

Juicy Jenna, LLC started in 2018 by making handcrafted beverages that patrons really enjoyed. From there, she moved on to perfecting all types of beverages. A special quality that sets Juicy Jenna, LLC apart is their attention to detail. Every single drink is a unique creation, meticulously thought out by the talented Bartender. The quality of the work is proof of the passion that she puts into her work.

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